Homemade Headset Press

To continue this week’s headset theme… I saw someone’s homemade headset press on the intertubes years ago and decided to make one for myself. A Park headset press is a no brainer if you work in a shop, but for the home mechanic who might only press in a headset every few years, building your own press makes a lot of sense. Just go down to your local hardware store, get a threaded rod, some nuts and a few washers. It will probably cost you around $3 (the Park is about $120). Works like a champ.¬†Also, using one of these will slow you down a bit, unlike the Park, which allows you to slam it in, and possibly damage the headset or headtube if you aren’t paying attention. And the only way you can go cheaper is with a block of wood and a hammer.

Used for: 10 years
Price paid: $3
Purchased at: Home Depot
Rating: 5 stars!

homemade headset press

homemade headset press nut and washers

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