Shimano Dura Ace Freewheel

The Dura Ace freewheel is one of my favorite bike parts of all time. They are basically indestructible. I have six or seven of these either on bikes or in boxes, plus a ton of extra cogs. I don’t weight much, so I was never one of those guys breaking axles on freewheel hubs. But before Dura Ace freewheels came along, I had to suffer with Suntour freewheels, and before that, Regina freewheels. The Dura Ace freewheels lasted longer and shifted better. The cogs were evenly spaced, shaped better, and were easier to swap out. The freewheel bodies never seemed to crap out. And the splined freewheel tool was a huge improvement over the old two-pronged design used by just about everyone else. More pics after the jump!

Used for: 25 years
Price paid: don’t remember
Purchased at: don’t remember
Rating: 5 stars!

Shimano Dura Ace freewheel with removal tool

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