Zog’s Headset Wrench

I picked up this awesome Zog’s headset wrench at Interbike sometime in the mid-90s and had assumed the company had gone the way many of other small, US-based manufacturing companies. But no, these thin, laser cut tools are still being made in Oregon under the name Thinwrench. They don’t seem to make this particular headset wrench anymore, which was way thinner and more awesome than anything else available at the time (and makes for the perfect companion to theĀ Park Professional Headset Locknut Wrench), but here are the bike tools they still make. The Headset Pedal Cone Take-Along Combo Wrench looks pretty sweet.

Used for: 15+ years
Price paid: don’t remember
Purchased at: directly from the Zog’s guys
Rating: 5 stars!

Zogs Headset Wrench

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